Imaginarium by Fish Basket: An Epic Journey in Sight and Sound

Fish Basket – Imaginarium Official Music Video
The recipe for the Imaginarium lies behind ancient doors. Three brave hunters have been sent to find the mysterious scrolls that will open these doors. But someone doesn’t want it.

Fish Basket’s \”Imaginarium\”, the official music video.

But this track on Bandcamp:

This video was shot in a traditional manner and then modified with artificial intelligence.

Shot and edited by Kamil Arbuz (Arbuz Hyper Film) — @ARBUZ HYPER FILM
Directed by Fish Basket and Kamil arbuz
Kamil Arbuz and Piotr Wicher produced the film.
Ai FX: Piotr Wicher.
Sound FX: Kamil Arbuz.
Screenplay: Fish Basket.
Additional editing: Piotr Wicher.
Fish Basket Costumes
Adam Gajewski & Piotr Wichter recorded music in Rombalnia.
Music Production: Piotr Wich.
Nebula Studio: Mix and mastering

Fish: Rafal Weinert, Damian Chojnacki, Maciej Wiewior.
RW91: Rafal Weinert.
OG17: Oskar Gross.
PW27: Piotr Wicher.
Bad Guy: Igor Pomidor, Rafal Weinert, Oskar Gross, Piotr Wicher, Volodymyr Lyashenko.
Bob Flower: Robert Kwiatek