James Currier Interview: Exploring the expanding possibilities of Generative Artificial Intelligence

It’s \”an open field\”

You might skip this article if you have been following the progress made by Open AI. The company is run by Sam Altman, whose neural networks can now create original images and text with astounding ease.

This interview with James Currier will help you better understand the reasons why other \”generative\” AI firms are suddenly gaining traction. James Currier is a serial entrepreneur and venture investor. He cofounded NFX with a group of serial entrepreneurs five years ago.

Currier is one of those who follow the progress very closely. In fact, NFX made numerous investments in the \”generative tech\”, as he calls it. It’s a topic that’s gaining more attention from the team every month. Currier believes that the buzz around this new AI wrinkle is not hype, but rather a recognition by the startup community of a huge opportunity. Currier says that \”every 14 years, we get one of these Cambrian Explosions.\” In ’94, we had one centered around the Internet. In 2008, we had one about mobile phones. \”We’ll be having another one by 2022.\”


Why ‘generative AI’ is suddenly on everyone’s lips: It’s an ‘open field’