Mark Rylance, Trudie Styler, and Kyle Meredith: AI, Singularity and Empathy.

Mark Rylance, Trudie Styler and Kyle Meredith
Mark Rylance and Trudie Styler discuss AI, Singularity & Othering, Empathy & Evolution.

Mark Rylance, Trudie Styler, and Kyle Meredith sit down to discuss Spark Hunter. This new audio drama is about the most advanced AI in the world having dinner with its creator over a philosophical conversation to determine whether she represents new hope for the future of the world or its destruction. The two talk about how the Dalai Lama got them together and what it means to be able to stand within the laws of nature. They also discuss racism, othering, empathy and evolution, which are all explored in the spy-drama. Rylance and Styler, who have also starred as Elon Musk in Don’t Look Up and Ready Player One, also discuss if we will ever see the singularity, or if robots can even aspire towards being more human.