Mass Biodiversity Crisis: The Entire Food Chain is Collapsing, Scientists Warn

Scientists warn that the entire food chain has started to collapse.

According to data from 130,000 years of what mammals ate, we are in the middle of a massive biodiversity crisis. Not good!

A new study conducted by an international research team and published in Science used machine learning techniques to create a detailed history — and a harrowing, future — of the food webs that will be affected when land mammal species disappear. Spoiler alert: It’s grim.

Evan Fricke is the lead author and ecologist of the study. He said in a recent press release that \”while about 6 percent land mammals went extinct during that period, we estimate that over 50 percent of mammal web food links have disappeared.\” The mammal food network complexity is largely determined by the mammals that are most likely to disappear, in the present and the past.