Meet Rosie 2.0, the revolutionary robot maid that can clean your house and bring you coffee!

This robot maid can clean your house and then get you coffee

Robot Maid – The robot is child-sized and can do everything from mopping to putting away dishes, moving furniture, or even picking up things off the floor. It can make and deliver coffee.

Remember the Jetsons? We hoped as kids that one day we would have flying cars, or the jetpacks Elroy used. We want Rosie, their adorable maid. Let’s face it, cleaning is something we all hate. Nobody cleans their home with a smile, whether it’s cleaning the living room or the kitchen, or picking up toys for our kids. It would be wonderful to have a robot like Rosie clean our house while we do other things.

Aeolus Robotics may be able to provide you with a \”Rosie\”. The company unveiled its as yet unnamed robot \”maid\” earlier this year. The robot, which is about the size of a child, can do everything from mop floors to put away dishes and move furniture.

It can also make you coffee and deliver it to you if that’s what you want. The robot can be programmed to respond to both text and voice commands. You can say, \”Mop my floor and bring me coffee\”, and it will do so. The robot is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. An app allows the robot’s owner to monitor and interact with it, as well as see the world through the robot’s eyes.