Meta Reality Labs: Codec Avatars 2.0 Achieving Unprecedented Realism with Custom Chip

Meta Reality Labs Research: Codec Avatars v2.0 Approaching complete realism with custom chip
Researchers at Meta Reality Labs report that their work with Codec Avatars 2.0 is approaching realism. Researchers created a prototype Virtual Reality head-set with a custom-built processor chip that is capable of rendering Meta’s photorealistic Codec Avatars in standalone virtual reality headsets.

Machine learning techniques are used to create the prototype Virtual Reality avatars.

Meta debuted the Codec Avatars in March 2019, a year before. The avatars use multiple neural networks to power them and are created using a special capture system that has 171 cameras. The avatars, once they have been generated, are powered live by a prototype VR headset with five cameras. Two cameras view each eye from the inside, while three others look at the lower face. These advanced photoreal avatars could replace videoconferencing one day.


Meta Reality Labs Research: Codec Avatars 2.0 Approaching Complete Realism with Custom Chip