Moral Decision Making in AI: A Mathematical formula for Ethical Guidelines

AI: A mathematical formula to tackle complex moral decisions

A team of researchers from different disciplines has created a blueprint to help create algorithms that better integrate ethical guidelines into AI decision-making software. The project focused on technologies that allow humans to interact with AI programs such as virtual assistants and \”carebots\”, which are used in healthcare settings.

Veljko DUBLIEVIC, associate professor at North Carolina State University and corresponding author of a study on this work, says that technologies like carebots should help to ensure the comfort and safety of hospital patients, elderly adults, and others who need health monitoring or physical support. In practical terms, that means these technologies are placed in situations where ethical decisions will need to be made.

\”For instance, imagine that a robot is on a scene where two people need medical help. The first patient, who is unconscious and in need of urgent care is treated by the carebot before the second patient. How does the robot decide which patient to assist first? \”Should the carebot treat a patient unconscious and therefore unable consent to receive the treatment?\”