Nadia, IHMC’s Versatile Humanoid teammate

Nadia, a humanoid teammate from IHMC, is versatile

In bipedal robot circles, the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition is known for its ability to teach very complex humanoid robotics how to walk. IHMC is home to both a NASA Valkyrie and a Boston Dynamics Atlas, the DRC version, since 2015. Significant progress has been made in advancing these platforms towards reliable mobility and manipulative capabilities. We’re dealing with some old hardware. There aren’t many good options for replacing humanoids that have human-like strength, speed and flexibility (at least, not available to researchers).

IHMC decided several years ago that it was time to build its own robot. In 2019, we saw some cool plastic concepts of Nadia – a humanoid created from the ground up for performing useful tasks in human environments at human speeds. Nadia is now a real robot after 16 (!) After 16 (!)