NASA’s Perseverance Rover Spots Unusual Flying Object on Mars Exploration Mission

NASA’s Perseverance Rover captured a flying object in Mars

This is true or false?

Perseverance has been on Mars two weeks. It has now started its first journey over the surface of Mars. The robot, which weighs one ton, sent new images to Earth on Friday. It appears that the journey was quick.

The engineers have been working tirelessly to bring the vehicle, its equipment and robotic arm up and running. Perseverance has been sent to the Jezero Crater, located near the equator, in order to search for signs of alien life. It will take approximately 15 kilometers to complete this mission in the next Martian year.

Scientists are trying to gain access to rock formations that may contain traces of ancient bio activity. Satellite images show that one of the rock formations is a delta. A delta is a structure made up of silt, sand, and other sediments that are pushed upward by rivers as they reach a larger water body. This greater mass in Jezero was likely a lake with a diameter of a crater that existed billions years ago. Perseverance, however, must first perform an experiment.