OpenAI Launches Developer APIs for Popular ChatGPT and Whisper AI Models

ChatGPT, Whisper and other APIs are now available for developers to integrate into their apps

OpenAI announced on Wednesday that developer APIs are now available for the popular ChatGPT AI model and Whisper AI model. Developers can integrate these models into their apps. APIs (application programming Interfaces) are a set protocols that allow different computer programs communicate with one another. App developers can use OpenAI technology to extend the capabilities of their apps for a fee that is based on usage.

OpenAI’s new ChatGPT model is called \”gpt-3.0-turbo\” and it replaces its previous \”best LLM API,\” \”text-davinci 003\”. It costs $0.002 for 1,000 tokens, which is approximately 750 words. OpenAI claims that this is 10 times cheaper than the existing GPT-3.0 models. OpenAI’s API announcement page states that \”through a series system-wide improvements, we have achieved 90% cost savings for ChatGPT\” since December.