Paul Buchheit Predicts Google’s Demise in Two Years: Can ChatGPT Really Destroy Google’s Business?

ChatGPT creator Gmail says it will destroy Google in two years

Will it? Only time will tell.

Many have questioned the future of Google and other search engines due to the popularity of ChatGPT. Paul Buchheit, creator of Gmail has also tweeted his opinion. He believes that Google will only last two years.

ChatGPT, launched in November of last year, has been the preferred destination for millions of users to ask questions. ChatGPT provides answers to questions in a conversational manner, rather than a long-winded search result. This allows users to ask more questions.


Even if they caught up with AI, they couldn’t fully implement it without destroying their most valuable business part!

Google has done it.

Compare the quality of these responses (ChatGPT)

Josh (@jdjkelly), November 30, 2022

Paul Buchheit (@paultoo) December 1, 2022.