Prepare for the Robot Apocalypse – A Look at the Coming Singularity

The singularity is close

This post is subtitled \”Why we are all denial about robot apocalypse\”. I say this because I think that society as a whole is woefully, completely and utterly unprepared for an artificial intelligence that can be sentient. I believe the singularity will arrive sooner than people think, and it will cause great upset — both for good and bad.

Consider the belief of many people that we possess a soul that is unmeasurable and undefinable, and that it is this soul that separates us as humans from non-sentient objects and animals. Some people also believe that the souls are a gift from God. AGI, according to some friends of mine, is not possible because \”humans aren’t God\” and robots cannot have souls. Caleb in Ex Machina, paraphrasing, says that for these people, removing the boundary between man and machine removes the boundary between god and man.

This is not to say AGI will destroy or weaken religion. It may even be used in extreme cases to strengthen certain sects, as seen on HBO’s Raised By Wolves. Religion has existed for millennia, and I am sure that it will continue for many millennia to come. I’m predicting that some religious people will experience a lot of cognitive dissonance once the first AGI is released.