PRIME is a new framework that enables robotic manipulation with AI.\n\nZooKeeper AI teaches robots how to solve complex problems on their own.\n\nInstant NeRF is a neural engine that renders realistic images.\n\nThe Big News This Week in AI: DeepMind Mafia (DishBrain), PRIME, ZooKeeper AI and Instant NeRF

Instant NeRF, DeepMind Mafia (DishBrain), PRIME, ZooKeeper AI and DeepMind Mafia (DishBrain).
Mar 31, 2022

This 91st Episode includes a discussion and summary of the big AI news from last week!

Applications & Business.

Meet the DeepMind Mafia. These 18 former Google AI researchers are raising millions of dollars for their startups, ranging from climate change to crypto.

Nvidia launches new supercomputer, unveils new AI technology.

Kroger and Nvidia team up to \”reinvent\” the shopping experience with AI and digital simulations.

Top AI execs, including Richard Socher, launch AIX Ventures.
Research & Advancements

Researchers at cortical laboratories have developed dishbrain, a neural net with biological neurons.