Quantum Computing Hype – How Realistic Are the Near-Term Promises?

The hype around quantum computing is a problem

Quantum computing startups have become very popular, but there’s no guarantee that they will be able produce useful products in the near term.

Quantum computing is a buzzword that ranks probably only behind AI when it comes to hype. Quantum computing is now a major focus for large tech companies like Alphabet and Microsoft. A number of startups, many with staggering valuations, have also popped up. IonQ was, for instance, valued at $2 billion in October when it went public through a special purpose acquisition company. This commercial activity has been accelerated in the last three years.

I am as pro-quantum-computing as one can be: I’ve published more than 100 technical papers on the subject, and many of my PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are now well-known quantum computing practitioners all over the world. However, I am disturbed by the hype surrounding quantum computing these days. This is especially true when it comes claims regarding its commercialization.