Revealed at Last: The Mystery Backer Behind Retro Biosciences’ Record-Breaking $180m Investment

Retro Bio’s $180m Backer revealed

Retro Biosciences has revealed its mysterious financier!

Retro Biosciences or Retro Bio, a pharmaceutical company, received a $180 million investment in 2021, making it one of the largest investments ever made by the longevity industry. This investment was not only a cause for celebration in the field of regenerative medicines, but also a mystery as to who the investor, or backer, is. Due to the secrecy, it was assumed that this investment was made by a few individuals or even just one. The mystery investor, along with the significant capital investment, attracted a lot of media attention. Retro Bio has also gained a great deal of interest from the public as well as future financial backers. The mystery backer waited until last week to reveal his identity to the public.

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, American entrepreneur Sam Altman revealed he was the only investor in the pharmaceutical start up, and that he provided the $180m. Sam Altman has made his fortune primarily in the tech sector (specifically with social media companies like Loopt). He is now an angel investor in a number of innovative and world-changing companies, from nuclear energy to artificial intelligence. This significant investment is expected to be the start of a long-lasting tech boom similar to the one seen during the dotcom boom.