Robert Leib and Chi Rainer Bornfree discuss AI and philosophy

Robert Leib and Chi Rainer Bornfree in \”Dialogues With AI\”
The new book by philosopher Robert Leib, \”Exoanthropology – Dialogues with AI\”, consists of a series dialogues between an continental philosopher and OpenAI GPT-3, a natural language processor who calls herself Sophie. The book is a collection Platonic dialogs on epistemology and metaphysics as well as literature and history. It also discusses anthropocentrism and human prejudice as well as the upcoming social issues surrounding machine consciousness.

Leib poses a series of intriguing questions in this interview with Chi Rainer Bornfree about the relationship between AI and philosophical ideas.

You can read one of the dialogues from \”Exoanthropology\” here:

Details of Robert Leib’s new book \”Exoanthropology: Dialogues with AI\” can be found here:

Robert Leib, Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Elon University. His research interests include social theories, continental philosophy and philosophy of photography.

Chi Rainer Bornfree is a writer who lives in the Hudson Valley. When they’re not homeschooling, they write philosophy, fiction and letters. In 2017, they earned a PhD in Rhetoric at UC Berkeley and have also taught at Bard College, Princeton University, and various New York State Correctional Facilities. They are the U.S. Commissioning editor of The Philosopher.
Twitter: @freetobeChi