Robot Revolution: Amazon unveils ‘Sparrow,’ a robot that has warehouse workers worried about job losses

Amazon Robot UNVEILED: Warehouse Worker Panic Stirs
Amazon has unveiled its latest warehouse robotic arm, which uses artificial intelligence. This is a frightening possibility that Amazon warehouse workers could be replaced easily. The Damage Report’s John Iadarola & Jessica Burbank explain it.

Amazon’s new robot should strike fear into its hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers —…022-11

What do you call a robot arm that uses computer vision, artificial intelligent, and suction cup to pick up objects?

Amazon calls it a \”Sparrow.\”

Tech giant unveils robot capable of identifying items with varying shapes, sizes, and textures. Sparrow is able to pick up these items using the suction cup attachments on its surface. It can then place them in separate plastic crates.

Amazon’s first robot of this kind, Sparrow, has the potential of displacing a significant number of warehouse workers.