Robotic Actuators: Enhancing Spacesuits for Comfort and Safety

Spacesuits can be made more comfortable with robotic actuators

Diaz Artiles stated that \”pressure and mobility have a negative relationship.\” The more pressure in your spacesuit, and the less mobility you will have. \”The less pressure you are under, the easier it will be to move.\”

Imagine wearing tight Under Armour leggings or tight Under Armour. Kluis explained that the pressure on your body could be in place of gas pressure or even in addition. Kluis said, \”The SmartSuit would use both gas pressure and mechanical pressure.\”

Diaz Artiles’ team continues to develop the SmartSuit Architecture. The actuator prototypes represent a promising step in the development of a more accommodating spacesuit that can be used for future missions on planets. The goal is to make it feel as if the wearer can move without the spacesuit and without getting too hot.