Scientists Create a Robot that Can Laugh with You

Scientists have created a robot that can laugh with you.

Scientists at Kyoto University have developed an AI system for shared laughter that responds appropriately to human laughter.

Since Plato and other philosophers who were curious about humor, scientists have been trying to figure out what makes something funny. The Greeks thought that humor was a result of feeling superior to others. Sigmund, a German psychiatrist, believed that humor is a way to release pent up energy. US comedian Robin Williams used his anger towards the absurd to make people laugh.

Imagine trying to teach a robot how to laugh. A team of researchers from Kyoto University, Japan, is trying to achieve this by creating an artificial intelligence that receives its signals via a shared laughter system. Researchers describe their new technique for creating a laugh bone for the Japanese robot Erica in Frontiers in Robotics and AI.


Empathizing With Humans – Scientists Have Created a Robot That Can Laugh With You