Scientists Create Liquid Metal Robots that Can Shapeshift Like the T-1000

Researchers have created a liquid metal robot capable of shapeshifting like a Terminator
Scientists continue making fascinating breakthroughs that may help us reshape the way we live. A group of scientists has created a liquid metal which can change from a solid to a liquid state. The liquid reminds us of the liquid shapeshifting in Terminator 2 from 1991. Scientists even let it out of a cage to test it.

Scientists published a paper in the journal Matter on the new liquid that can change shape. The scientists describe how they made the metal, and the tests they conducted on it. Scientists created liquids in the form small robots that they could then switch between solid and fluid states to jump, crawl, and, as mentioned above, even ooze from a cage into freedom.

Scientists used magnetic fields to control and shape the liquid metal robots. Scientists hope that using magnets as a way to move and control shapeshifting robots will allow them to use liquid metal for biomedical and engineering applications, such as targeted drug delivery or circuit assembly.