Space Center Houston Celebrates 30 Years and Unveils Bold New Visions for Future of Space Exploration

Space Center Houston Launches a New Brand and Reimagines itself with a Bold Vision

HOUSTON, October 18, 2022 – The nonprofit Space Center Houston has developed a Facilities Master Plan that will support the increasing need for space exploration training and learning in two massive structures. This plan will give the public a first-hand look at the development of robotics and rovers as well as reduced gravity systems and lunar landers. The center gave a sneak peek at the new facility, which will feature two enclosed simulated cosmological terrains of Mars and the Moon, as well modular surface labs, and STEM learning centres. The public will be able to experience immersive experiences in an elevated exhibit hall that is located over both surfaces. They can observe astronaut training and learn about the future of space exploration, as humans return to Mars and the Moon.

Space Center Houston responds to the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving space industry, including the need for new facilities for current and future missions. It also shares this excitement with the general public, and addresses critical gaps in STEM workforce development through its educational programs. The facility will bring guests, NASA and commercial space partners together with colleges, universities, and global space agencies in order to work on new technologies which are driving present and future human spaceflight.

Space Center Houston, a Houston-based organization, has been chronicling the human spaceflight journey for 30 years. It also empowers and inspires people to pursue careers related to science, technology and engineering. William T. Harris is the President and CEO of Space Center Houston. He said, \”Space is expanding again and we are entering a new era in space exploration.\” With new ambitions and challenges, we’ll shift our focus to facilitating new feats of space.


Space Center Houston Reimagines Itself with a Bold New Vision, Turns 30 and Launches New Brand