Speak the Language: MIT’s Codon Compiler Allows Python to Run Like C or C++

MIT’s Codon complier allows Python to speak’ with computers natively
Researchers at MIT developed Codon. It dramatically speeds up Python code, allowing it to be run as efficiently as C++ or C.

Python is a popular language, but its Achilles’ heel is that it can be cumbersome when compared to other lower-level languages such as C++ or C. Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, (CSAIL), set out to rectify this by developing Codon. This Python-based complier allows users to create Python code that is as efficient as programs written in C++ or C.

Arsenii Palivoda/iStock.

Saman Amarasinghe is an MIT professor, CSAIL lead investigator, and co-author of Codon. He notes that in order to determine the type of data at runtime \”if you are using a dynamic programming language like Python, every time you get some data you will need to store a lot more metadata.\”