SuperFi-Cas9 : 4000 times less gene editing errors without compromising speed

4000 times fewer gene editing errors without sacrificing speed

Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin redesigned the Cas9 component of the widely used CRISPR gene editing tool to make it thousands of times safer. It is still as effective as the original Cas9 version and can be just as safe.

In other labs, Cas9 has been redesigned to reduce off-target interactions. However, these versions have sacrificed speed in order to improve accuracy. This new version, SuperFi-Cas9 as it has been named, is 4,000-times less likely to cause off-target interactions, but still as fast as Cas9. Bravo claims that you can imagine the various lab-generated Cas9 versions as different self-driving car models. The majority of models are safe but have a maximum speed of only 10 miles per hour.

Bravo said that while they are safer than Cas9 naturally occurring, the price is high: they move extremely slowly. \”SuperFi Cas9 is a self driving car that’s been designed to be safe but can still travel at full speed.\”


4000 Times Fewer Gene Editing Errors Without Sacrificing Speed