Tesla AI Day 2022: Witnessing the Debut of the Optimus Unit 1 Humanoid Robot

Tesla AI Day: Optimus Unit 1, a humanoid robotic robot, waves to the audience
Musk asked AI experts to help Tesla build a better world by joining the company.

Tesla AI Day 2022 examined the processes needed to mimic the human driver, worker and the process of a human. From an engineering perspective, the autonomous robot and car was described in detail. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla opened the event and explained the main focus. He included the public in Tesla projects, particularly Optimus Tesla Bot.

The Optimus Project began in April 2022 with a concept for a fully-autonomous humanoid robotic that was mass-produced, and affordable enough to be accessible to an average person.

Musk presented the project leader engineer and her team.


Musk introduced the lead project engineer and her assistants. The prototype and first production unit was built in just six months. Tesla bot is an autonomous robot that dances and walks around the Tesla headquarters. The prototype’s autonomy was highlighted at the event. The Prototype had no external wires, cables, computers or hoses.