The Growing Trend of Consulting Generative AI ChatGPT for Mental Health Advice: Exploring the Dangers of AI Ethics and AI Law

People are eager to consult Generative AI chatGPT for mental health advice, stressing out AI ethics and AI law

The topic of mental health is a hot one today.

Discussions about mental health used to be hushed or swept under the carpet. Slowly, a cultural shift has allowed people to discuss mental health more openly and publicly.

This change in attitudes could be attributed to the easy access of smartphone apps which encourage mindfulness and mental health. There are many apps, including those for mindfulness, meditation, diagnosing mental health, mental screening and more.

Social media users are praising the use of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, for providing interactive mental health advice. This is an alarming trend. AI Ethics and AI Law warn that this is a bad idea.