Tiny Hybrid Robot Pioneers Ability to Identify and Capture Single Cells

A tiny hybrid robot can capture and identify a single cell
Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have developed a microrobot that is the size of one biological cell. It can navigate using magnetic and electricity fields, and it can capture and identify a single cellular. This opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Researchers developed a microrobot that can move autonomously around the body or be controlled by a human operator.

The use of a magnetic field, or micro-motor to propel the microrobot was appealing. It didn’t need fuel and could be controlled accurately. It also worked in a range of temperatures and conductivities. Micro-motors powered by electricity have many advantages. They can be used to load, transport, and release cargo, and they are able to \”deform cells\” with electricity. Combining the two seemed like a logical step.