Uncovering the Optimal Conditions for the Human Brain to Innovate Computer Technologies

The brain’s optimal working conditions can be used as a prototype for new computers

A research team, using mathematical modeling, has succeeded in understanding the optimal state of working for the brain. This is called criticality. Their results mean an important step toward biologically-inspired information processing and new, highly efficient computer technologies and have been published in Scientific Reports.

Supercomputers can perform certain tasks better than humans. For example, in the area of artificial intelligence. They can’t handle the diversity of tasks that are part of everyday life – driving a car, making music, and then telling a tale at a gathering in the evening, explains Hermann Kohlstedt. Computers and smartphones consume a lot of energy.

Kohlstedt continues, \”These are not sustainable technologies. Our brain only consumes 25 watts on a daily basis.\” Their interdisciplinary network \”Neurotronics : Bio-inspired information pathways\” aims to develop new electronic parts for energy-efficient computer designs. The alliance of engineering and life sciences will investigate how the brain works and has evolved.