Uncovering X*TERROIR’s Complexity: Exploring the Potential of Computer Vision and AI in Wine Production

X*TERROIR’s advanced Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence technology allows enologists make the best decisions possible about where to send grapes for wine.

The X*TERROIR Technology allows for the cost-effective profiling of each vine in a vineyard. It is a quantum leap over the current technology. Enologists can get more value and quality from a vineyard with more information.


This vineyard appears homogeneous to the naked eye. You might think that a vineyard of this size would produce grapes with a fairly uniform aroma profile.
Reality is quite different.

Grapes grown on this vine will produce a wine that is different from vines planted only 50 meters apart. A single vineyard can produce a wide range of aromas due to a variety of factors, including soil type, culture, microclimate and disease.

The grapes produced by this vine will reflect the complexity of aromas derived from the soil, climate and cultural influences of its micro-terroir.