Unleashing the Power of AI for Cyberdefense: Microsoft Introduces Security Copilot

Microsoft Security Copilot brings AI-powered cyberdefense to the forefront

Security Copilot is a multi-disciplinary security and networking tool that provides a wealth of data signals and training across multiple security disciplines. It dramatically increases the speed, reach and effectiveness of security teams.

Microsoft Security Copilot will give defenders a tool that is much needed to detect and respond quickly to threats, and to better understand the threat environment in general. Security Copilot combines Microsoft’s threat intelligence footprint and industry-leading expertise in order to enhance the work of security professionals via an easy-to use AI assistant.

Today, the odds are stacked against professionals in cybersecurity. Vasu Jakkal is the corporate vice president of Microsoft Security. He said that too often they are fighting an asymmetrical battle against sophisticated and relentless attackers. Security Copilot shifts the power balance in our favor. Security Copilot is a generative AI product that allows defenders move at the speed of AI.