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Philip K Dick: We Can Recall It For You Wholesale: Alternate version : Audiobook

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The short story \”We Can Recall It for You\” was first published by Philip K. Dick in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 1966. The story is a blend of real, false, and true memory. Two film adaptations have been made of the story, Total Recall in 1990, with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the protagonist, and the same-titled movie from 2012, with Colin Farrell.

Douglas Quail is a clerk who wants to go to Mars. He can’t afford to go, so he goes to a company called REKAL Incorporated (pronounced \”recall\”), who promises to implant a \”extra-factual\” memory of a trip he took to Mars in the capacity of a secret government agent. Quail is administered narkidrine (a sedative-truth drug), which makes him remember that he was a secret agent for the government and go to Mars. The conscious memory of the trip has been erased but the desire to go on the trip is still there. Quail was quickly escorted out of the REKAL office by staff without any implant, but now his true memories are slowly returning. He finds evidence at home to prove his trip, but he also remembers REKAL. He is angry and returns to the office for a refund.

Quail learns when two police officers arrive to kill him that they have been reading Quail’s thoughts through an implanted device used to communicate with Quail during his Mars mission. He realizes he was a government assassin, but also recalls how to escape and disarm the police. This cannot last long, since he is tracked by the device. In order to avoid any more desires to return to REKAL, he makes a deal to have the memory of his Mars missions replaced with a false memory based on his deepest fantasies as determined by psychiatrists. He is then sent back to REKAL to undergo the procedure. However, under the influence of narkidrine he admits that the memories that are being implanted are true — aliens visited him at the age of nine, and were so moved by his kindness that they decided not to invade until he died. He is now the most important human being on Earth by simply remaining alive. The government cannot kill him.

Philip K Dick: We Can Recall It for You Wholesale: Alternate version.
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