Unlock Your Digital Style: Ready Player Me Launches Labs Feature for AI-Powered Avatar Customization

Ready Player Me launches Labs, a new feature that allows users to customize their digital fashion.

Ready Player Me Labs is a new experimental division of the company. Its first release is an AI-powered avatar creator that allows for unlimited outfit customization. The first Labs release, a new experimental version of Ready Player Me’s avatar creator, uses AI to customize and style the textures and prints on avatar outfits which can be shared via social media platforms. The platform uses Dall-E to generate textures and prints according to the user’s instructions.

This move is in response to the frequent requests of Ready Player Me users.

Timmu Toke, CEO and cofounder of Ready Player Me, says that it is unrealistic to expect any brand or creators to meet the needs and preferences for billions of virtual users.

\”Opening customization options empowers the users to take part in creating and shaping their digital identity.\” \”We want people to feel that they can represent themselves in any style or fashion they choose,\” he says.