Unlocking the Mystery of Chatbot Understanding: Exploring the Possibilities of AI

I think chatbots can understand a part of what people say. Let me explain

Here is a rational analysis of what ChatGPT knows and what it means.

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I used to think the so-called \”artificial intelligents\” of today are really pretty dumb. Recently, I have changed my mind. In this video, I’d like to explain why I believe that they understand at least some of what they are doing. Since I was already speculating freely, I added some thoughts on how the AI situation will develop.

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00:00 Intro.
The Chinese Room.
The Quantum Room.
How do chatbots learn?
What does \”understanding\” mean?
15:46 Do We \”Understand\” Quantum Mechanics?
18:21 Where will the AI boom lead us?
20:30 Check Out My Quantum Mechanics Course.

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