Unlocking the Possibilities: Exploring the Contact Lenses of the Future

The contact lenses of tomorrow are no longer sci-fi.

Scientists and companies are developing contact lenses that can diagnose diseases, record videos and even diagnose them. Mojo Vision is an American startup that has been working on improving prototypes since 2015. The company is working on an ambitious project that involves augmented reality lenses. These lenses will correct your vision and also allow you to consult information such as the ski slope trails or your running pace, through microLED displays smaller than a grain.

\”In the short term, it sounds like a futuristic idea, but 20 years ago we couldn’t even imagine many of the technological advances that we have today,\” says Ana Belen Cisneros del Rio, deputy dean of the College of Opticians-Optometrists in the Spanish region of Castilla y Leon, of the Mojo Vision project. Daniel Elies is a cornea, cataract, and refractive surgeon and the medical director of Institute of Ocular Microsurgery Miranza Group, a Madrid-based institute. He does not think that this type of lens will be part of daily life any time soon. \”Especially due to cost concerns.\”

Magic Leap is one of the companies that are interested in producing augmented reality contact lenses. Sony applied for a patent a few year ago for lenses with the ability to record videos. Samsung also did so for lenses with a camera, a display, and the ability to project images directly into a user’s eyes. Researchers are working to develop robotic lenses that zoom in and out in a blink of an eye. Others are developing night vision lenses for military use.