Unlocking the Potential of 3D Reconstruction: Exploring the Impact of AI-Driven Digitalization

Deep Dive Why 3D Reconstruction may be the Next Tech Disruptor

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To interpret the world, artificial intelligence (AI), systems must be able to understand visual scenes that are in three dimensions. Images are therefore crucial to computer vision and have a significant impact on quality and performance. 3D data has a wealth of scale and geometry data, unlike the 2D data that is widely available. This allows for a deeper understanding of machine-environment interactions.

Data-driven 3D modelling, or 3D Reconstruction, is an area of computer vision that is increasingly being demanded by industries such as augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality. Rapid advancements in implicit neural representation also open up new exciting possibilities for virtual reality.


Deep Dive: Why 3D reconstruction may be the next tech disruptor