Unlocking the Potential of Graphene for Enhanced Hardware Security

The graphene key is a new hardware security system
Researchers are looking for new ways to secure data from attacks by bad actors as more and more personal data is shared and stored digitally. The current silicon technology uses microscopic differences in computing components to create secure key. However, artificial intelligence (AI), techniques can be used predict these keys to gain access to the data. Penn State researchers developed a method to make encrypted keys more difficult to crack.

Saptarshi Das is an assistant professor in engineering science and mechanics. The researchers, led by him, used graphene, a one-atom thick layer of carbon, to create a low-power, scalable reconfigurable hardware device that was highly resistant to AI attacks. Their findings were published in Nature Electronics on May 10th.

Das stated that \”private data breaches have increased in recent years.\” We developed a hardware security device which could be used to protect data in all industries and sectors.