Unlocking the Secrets of Materials with AI: How AI Deciphers X-ray ‘Clouds’ to Accelerate Materials Research

Artificial intelligence can decipher detector clouds to accelerate materials research

Researchers can use X rays as a camera with atomic resolution. By shooting two X ray pulses moments apart, researchers get atomic snapshots at different points in time. These snapshots can be compared to see how materials fluctuate within fractions of a second. This could help scientists develop future super-fast computer systems, communications and other technologies.

To resolve the information contained in these X ray snapshots is time-consuming and difficult. Joshua Turner and ten other scientists turned to artificial intelligent to automate this process. The machine-learning-aided technique, published in Structural Dynamic on October 17, accelerates the X-ray probe and allows it to reach previously inaccessible material.

Turner stated that \”the most exciting thing for me is the fact that we now have access to a range of measurements we could not before.\”