Unmanned Warfare – Chinese Drone with Machine Gun-Armed Robot Dog Combo is Unveiled

Chinese drones carry machine-gun-armed robot dogs

The \”Blood-Wing\”, in the upper-right corner, is not clear. However, the drone’s name is Red Wing. According to the description of this small aerial vehicle, it could travel to a vulnerable point behind enemy lines and launch a \”surprise\” attack by deploying a robot dog. This four-legged robot \”can be placed up on the roof to the enemy’s commanding heights in order to suppress firepower\” according to one scenario.

On its back, what looks like a Chinese QBB97 (designated Type 95 LGM by the United States) is mounted. This 5.8mm light support gun can fire up to 625 rounds per minute.

The drone-robodog combination has not been specified, but it appears to be designed for urban environments where human foot soldiers are known to have a difficult time infiltrating. The drone and robodog could be used, for instance, to scout, destroy hard-to reach targets, or create a distraction. Kestrel Defence says that ground troops could launch a \”three-dimensional pincer assault on the enemy inside the building\” with support from above.