Unprecedented Equilibrium Properties of Chaotic Circuits Revealed

The chaotic circuit exhibits unparalleled equilibrium properties

Mathematical derivations revealed a chaotic memristor circuit where different oscillating phase can co-exist on six possible lines.

In contrast to ordinary electronic circuits that repeat themselves over time, chaotic circuits produce oscillating signals. However, they still display mathematical patterns. To expand the potential applications of these circuits, previous studies have designed systems in which multiple oscillating phases can co-exist along mathematically-defined \”lines of equilibrium.\” In new research published in The European Physical Journal Special Topics, a team led by Janarthanan Ramadoss at the Chennai Institute of Technology, India, designed a chaotic circuit with six distinct lines of equilibrium–more than have ever been demonstrated previously.

In many fields, chaotic systems are studied. From biology and chemistry to engineering and economics. Researchers could study chaotic systems in unprecedented ways if the team’s circuit was realized experimentally. Their design can be applied to a variety of applications, including robotic motion control and secure password generation.