Adobe Stock introduces guidelines for AI-generated art.

Adobe Stock redefines new guidelines for content created with generative AI.

New guidelines for artists submitting artwork include restrictions and regulations.

Adobe now accepts AI-generated images on its platform with some restrictions. The company has updated its guidelines.

Image credit: Left: Adobe Stock / Art Master, Middle: Adobe Stock /Robert Kneschke, Right: Adobe Stock / Forest Spirit.

Adobe Stock, an online marketplace that offers over 320,000,000 creative assets, now has new guidelines on how to submit illustrations created with generative AI. This allows customers to enhance their projects. The early generative AI technologies raised concerns about their proper use. Adobe has carefully considered these questions, and we have implemented a new submissions policy which will help ensure that our content is used responsibly by both creators and users.

Generative AI represents a significant leap for creators. It uses the incredible power of machine learning to develop imagery faster using words, sketches and gestures. Adobe Stock contributors use AI tools and technology to expand their portfolios, increase their creativity and boost their earning potential. These submissions will need to meet our guidelines on AI-generated content in the future, including our request that contributors identify generative AI submissions.