AI accelerates Bacterial research through 10,000 Experiments per Day

AI performs 10,000 experiments on bacteria every day to accelerate discoveries

Artificial intelligence is able to sift through huge amounts of data with ease. This task can be a tedious one for humans, but it’s easy for AI. BacterAI, a new platform that can perform up to 10,000 experiments a day in order to learn more about bacteria and teach it – as well as us – how they work.

There are trillions of microbes in the human body, which cover almost all surfaces inside and outside. Some are essential to certain bodily functions while others can make you sick. Researchers continue to discover how closely linked our health is to microbiomes. However, managing and analyzing the data remains a difficult task.

Paul Jensen is the corresponding author. He said, \”We don’t know much about the majority of bacteria that affect our health.\” Understanding how bacteria grow will help us reengineer our microbiome.