AI Image Generation Technology: Protecting Your Online Privacy

AI has made it possible to remove your pictures from the Internet

It may be time for you to reconsider your social media behavior if you are one of the millions of people who posted photos of themselves over the last decade. The new AI image-generation software allows anyone to take a few photos or video frames of themselves, and then train AI to make realistic fake images that show them doing illegal or embarrassing things. Everyone should be aware of the risks, even if they are not at risk.

Photographs have always been subject to falsifications–first in darkrooms with scissors and paste and then via Adobe Photoshop through pixels. It took great skill to do it convincingly. Today, it is almost easy to create photorealistic fakes that look convincing.

After an AI model has learned how to render someone’s image, it becomes a software toy. The AI model can create infinite images of the person. The AI model can also be shared so that other people can create images of the person.