Create Winning 5G Partners: Unlocking Ecosystems Power for Successful Monetization

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To navigate the 5G transition successfully, automation is required at every stage – from network planning and preparation to implementation and monetization. 5G has empowered consumers and made them more demanding. This creates the need for CSPs introduce indirect monetization methods and to go beyond data bundles. CSPs should now invest in platforms to enable them monetize 5G business models.

CSPs can create complex solutions and products for the B2B2C markets with multiple partners. This is not a one-way street. This model gives CSPs the opportunity to be part of value chains and ecosystems orchestrated with partners. CSPs are increasingly relying on partners to extend their own capabilities in product cocreation and marketing, sales, customer service, and delivery.

CSPs must also evolve to become service enablers, partnering with businesses, developers and other players in different industries and domains to develop unique 5G services and differentiate themselves on the market. In order to be successful in the 5G age, CSPs will need to have a network of partners who can help them innovate and extend their reach across industries. It will lead to automated processes, the capability to launch any model of partner, reduced time-to-market, and lower operational costs.