David Wood on Exploring Singularity: Principles and Opportunities for a Cataclysmically Destructive Future

David Wood on Feedback Loop, ep 80
David Wood is our guest this week. He’s a transhumanist and futurist who has been around for a while. David Wood has written 10 books about our technological future. His most recent book is Singularity Principles : Anticipating Cataclysmically disruptive Technologies.

This episode explores the singularity in a broad but concise way. It also includes some principles and ideas that David has included in his latest book. The rise of artificial intelligence and the question whether humans should merge with AI, or if AI will exist as a separate conscious entity from humans are discussed. We discuss the challenges that may push us to a negative Singularity as well as many of the opportunities that can propel us into a prosperous and abundant future.

Follow David on Twitter at @dw2 or find out more about his work at deltawisdom.com.

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