Explore an Earth-Like Alien Planet : A 1,000-Year journey Begins

The Newest Plan to Send A Robot To A 1000 Years Journey To A Alien Planet

Finding alien planets that orbit other stars is simple. Astronomers found more than 6,000 in the past decade. However, only a few of these planets are thought to be habitable. Scientists can use dozens of telescopes in the sky and on earth to find them. They are now studying their atmospheres and looking for signs of living organisms. The majority are located around dim, small red dwarf stars because the technology is not able to observe objects that orbit bright Sun-like star.

What is the next big goal in planet science? Of course, send a spacecraft on a mission to explore one of the planets’ surfaces.

A white paper recommending a multi-century journey says that if we want to discover Earth 2.0, we will have to be patient and visit star systems similar to ours.