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0:00 — Introduction.
AI can read brain signals and predict what you are thinking.
3:00 — Closed form solution for neuron interaction
4:15 — GPT-4 rumors.
6:50 — Cerebras supercomputer.
7:45 — Meta releases the metagenomics Atlas
9:15 — AI advances theorem-proving.
10:40 — Improved diffusion models with expert denoisers
BLOOMZ and mT0 12:00
13:05 — ICLR Reviewers Going Mad
21:40 — Scaling Transformer inference.
22:10 — Infinite Nature Flythrough Generation
23:55 — Blazing fast denoising.
24:45 — MultiRay AI training on a large scale.
25:30 — arXiv to include Hugging Face spaces.
26:10 — Multilingual Diffusion.
26:30 — Separation of music source
26:50 — Multilingual CLIP
27:20 — Drug response prediction.
27:50 — Helpful things

Gradio was launched by HF and they did not buy any spaces. They created them themselves. Gradio was later purchased by HF.

AI can read brain signals and predict your thoughts.

Brain-Machine Interface Device Predicts Internal Speech

Closed-form solution to neuron interaction.

We can now simulate brain dynamics made up of billions and trillions synapses using biologically realistic mechanisms. We could not do it until today!

Moreover, inspired by this solution… 2/n pic.twitter.com/hCxqYWvxxV

Ramin Hasani, @ramin_m_h November 15, 2022


GPT-4 rumors.