Explore the risks of relying too much on AI: Could AI reduce how much we trust other people?

Can AI reduce our trust in other people?

Researchers suggest that AI is being developed with more human-like characteristics due to a pervasive perspective on design. This may seem appealing in certain contexts but can be problematic when you don’t know who you are talking to. Ivarsson asks whether AI should be able to have voices that are so human-like, since they can create a feeling of intimacy and cause people to form impressions just by listening.

The scam of the fraudster who called the \”older\” man is revealed only after a considerable amount of time. Lindwall and Ivarsson attribute this to the credibility of the voice of a human and the assumption of confused behavior due to old age. When an AI speaks, we can infer gender, age and socioeconomic background. This makes it difficult to tell that we’re interacting with a machine.

Researchers propose that AI can have eloquent and well-functioning voices, but still be clearly synthesized. This will increase transparency.