From Struggles To Success: The Remarkable journey of the Human Brain Project

How the Human Brain Project Created a Mind of Its Own

Viktor Jirsa is a professor from Aix-Marseille University. He said that a human brain model could simulate an experiment for many conditions a million different times, but that the actual human experiment would only be possible a few or once.

In response to these criticisms, HBP restructured the effort early on with new leadership, an improved organization and more flexible goals. Viktor Jirsa is a professor from Aix-Marseille University, and one of HBP’s lead scientists. He said, \”The HBP has a more flexible, pluralistic approach.\” He believes these changes have fixed some HBP issues. Since then, the project has taken a scientifically and productively fruitful path.

After restructuring, HBP has become a European hub for brain research. Hundreds of scientists have joined its growing network. The HBP developed projects that focused on a variety of brain topics, ranging from consciousness to neurodegenerative disease. HBP scientists tackled complex topics, including mapping the brain, combining robotics and neuroscience, and experimenting neuromorphic computing – a computational method inspired by human brain structure and functions.