George Hotz, CEO of Comma AI after 7 years of autonomous driving innovation, steps down.

George Hotz, the founder of Comma AI, is stepping down.

George Hotz, 32, CEO of Comma AI, who became known as \”geohot\”, a hacker, when he still was a teenager announced on his GitHub profile that he will be leaving his company. Hotz says he is no longer \”capable\” of leading the driver-assist tech company he founded seven years ago.

Hotz is a young man with a rich history in the technology industry. At the age of 17, he gained fame in the hacker community for being the first to carrier unlock an iPhone. He was also in trouble with Sony for hacking into the PlayStation 3 a few more years later.

Hotz and Elon Musk also had a dispute in 2015, after Musk wanted to hire Hotz because he believed he could enhance Tesla’s Autopilot. Hotz founded Comma AI in order to focus on driver-assist technology. Hotz’s code for autonomous driving, \”openpilot,\” has been posted online free of charge in true hacker style.


Comma AI founder George Hotz is stepping down from the company