Google Labs unveils Pitchfork – a self-coding and self-updating AI algorithm

Google Labs has unveiled Pitchfork – an AI that can convert code into new code, and even rewrite it itself

The controlled fusion ignition has been achieved after six decades. Here’s how it works, and what (and what doesn’t) it mean:

The National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL) begins with an Injection Laser System, a ytterbium doped optical fiber (Master Oscillator), which produces a very low power beam of 1,053 nanometers (Infrared light). This beam is divided into 48 Preamplifier Modules (PAMs), which create four beams per module (192 total). Each PAM performs a two stage amplification via xenon lamps.

AI algorithms that self-code and update themselves are on the horizon. Pitchfork AI is a top secret Google Labs project which can code independently, refactor and use its own code and that of others.

The AlphaCode AI is a type of AI that has been talked about for quite some time. DeepMind announced it at the start of the year, along with their AlphaCode AI which, they claim, can \”code programs on a competitive level\” in the role of a middle developer. Since February, however, there haven’t really been any interesting developments.


Google Labs unveils Pitchfork, an AI that can convert old code to new code and rewrite itself