Google shuts down Duplex on the web: AI-powered services are no longer supported

Google has shut down Duplex on the Web and its attempts to bring AI to retail sites.

Google has shut down Duplex on the Web. This AI-powered service navigated websites to simplify the ordering of food, buying movie tickets, and other tasks. Google’s support page states that Google on the Web, and any automation tools enabled by it, will be discontinued as of this month.

Google’s spokesperson informed TechCrunch that they are responding to feedback from developers and users to improve the Duplex Experience. They also said that partners of Duplex on the Web have been notified in order to prepare them for the shutdown. By the end of the year, Google will stop supporting Duplex on the Web in order to focus its efforts on improving the voice technology used by Duplex.

Google announced Duplex on Web, a development of its Duplex call-automation technology, at its 2019 Google I/O Developer Conference. It was initially focused on two narrow use cases. For example, opening the website of a movie theatre chain to complete all necessary information for a user — pausing only to prompt choices such as seats. Duplex on the Web expanded its capabilities to include passwords. It now helps users change their passwords automatically after a data breach.


Google shuts down Duplex on the Web, its attempt to bring AI smarts to retail sites and more